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Homeless or at risk

If you are threatened with homelessness, that is, if you think you may lose your home soon for whatever reason we can organise emergency accommodation on a short term basis. This will be provided in conjunction with various voluntary bodies within Westmeath.

Emergency Accommodation provided by the Local Authority may take the form of hostel accommodation if available. In limited circumstances the Housing Department may arrange B&B accommodation in the private sector. In order to access this service, users will have to demonstrate that they are genuinely homeless.

Qualifying Criteria

The following criteria applies:

  • You must be genuinely homeless and able to prove that this is so.

Other Information

Homelessness means more than just sleeping rough. If you are living in a hostel or bed and breakfast or staying temporarily with friends because you have nowhere else to go, you are homeless.

If you are threatened with homelessness, that is, if you think you may lose your home soon for whatever reason, you should immediately contact your local authority and, if necessary, get advice about your situation from a Citizens Information Centre or Threshold.

Accommodation for homeless people, depending upon whether the need is for short-term, long-term, transitional or emergency reasons, can take the form of local authority housing, hostel type accommodation (provided by statutory agencies or voluntary organisations), emergency bed and breakfast accommodation provided in the private sector, or suitable private rented accommodation.

Depending on your area and your circumstances, there may be a range of different services available. Some people who are homeless have particular needs relating to mental health problems, drug or alcohol problems or other health problems. If you need help with these, contact your local health board.

For further information in relation to emergency homeless accommodation please contact Kieran Butler, Housing Welfare Officer on 044-9332287.