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If you consider that you would be interested in applying for an affordable dwelling in any future affordable housing scheme that may be developed and you can declare an interest provisionally now by completing this online survey.

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Apply for Housing

Social & affordable housing options

Promoting home ownership

Information on house purchase and construction loans

Housing grants

Adapting or improving your home

Council housing tenants

Maintenance, transfers and extensions.

Private rented sector

HAP, RAS, Leasing

Homeless or at risk

Homeless or at risk

Repair and leasing scheme

Repair and leasing scheme

Traveller accommodation

Traveller Accommodation

Other Services

Voluntary Housing Bodies, NPPR, Local Property Tax

Policy and Strategy

A number of policy and strategy documents have been developed outlining the councils objectives in the housing area

Social Housing Delivery

Social Housing Delivery

Housing For All

Westmeath County Council is seeking to purchase uncommenced residential developments through turnkey agreements

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