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Purchase Orders 

‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌In terms of Circular Fin 07/2012, Westmeath County Council herewith publish details of purchase orders for goods and services in excess of €20,000. Our target is to publish the relevant details on a quarterly basis by the end of the month following the quarter end i.e. 31 January, 30 April, 31 July and 31 October.

Download the Circular here: Circular_Fin_07_2012_-_Publication_of_Purchase_Orders

Purchase Order Downloads

Financial Year 2020


Financial Year 2019


Financial Year 2018

Financial Year 2017

Financial Year 2016

Financial Year 2015

Financial Year 2014

Financial Year 2013

Financial Year 2012

General Notes

i. Purchase Orders are inclusive of VAT where appropriate.
ii. Suppliers subject to Withholding Tax will have it deducted at point of payment which may decrease the amount actually paid to under €20,000.
iii. Penalty Interest may be added at point of payment for late payments over 30 days (or whatever is agreed with the supplier) which will increase the payment. In addition, if the penalty interest amount calculated goes over €125 it is then subject to DIRT.
iv. The report includes payments to suppliers of goods or services and does not include grantsin- aid or contributions and payments to other public bodies, property purchases etc.
v. Some Purchase Orders may be excluded if their publication would be precluded under Freedom of Information legislation.
vi. Although a Purchase Order may have been raised it is possible that no payment has been made yet.