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Getting paid

This page gives details of the types of payments we make to individuals, community groups and suppliers.

Payments to Suppliers

Individuals and companies who supply us with goods and services are paid by  EFT (electronic funds transfer).

Our Accounts Payable Section makes payments to suppliers for goods and services.  Businesses or individuals who wish to enquire about payments can contact the accounts payable section on the numbers given in the contacts section.

Enquiries regarding grant and loan application or orders for goods/services should be made to the section processing the application or ordering the goods/service (e.g. Housing, Water Services, Environment, Roads, Area Offices etc.).

Ordering and invoicing

All orders for goods/services must be accompanied by a purchase order number which will be provided by the person ordering the goods/services at the time the order is placed.  

All invoices should be submitted to the Accounts Payable Section, Westmeath County Council, Civic Offices, Athlone, Co. Westmeath and should quote the purchase order number. 

Tax Clearance

Public Sector Contracts

A condition of obtaining a Public Sector Contract (Section 1095 Taxes Consolidation Act 1997) of a value of €10,000 or more, (inclusive of VAT), within any 12 months period, is that the contractor is required to be tax compliant. Such contracts can involve the purchase, hiring, leasing of goods, services or property by public authorities. Examples of the types of goods/services covered in such contracts are plant hire, cleaning or security, consultancies for management, legal or design services.

The tax compliance requirement applies even where the provision of goods or services is not the subject of a formal written contract.

Grant Payments

Also under Section 1095, T.C.A. 1997 payment of State/Public Authority grants, subsidies and similar type payments, by Government Departments and public authorities, of a value of €10,000 or more, within any 12 months period, including for example, industrial and farm development grants is subject to the person being tax compliant.

Info! : Further information on tax compliance and obtaining a tax refernece number is available on the Revenue website at www.revenue.ie.

Relevant Contracts Tax

If you are a sub contractor in the construction, forestry or meat processing industries – Relevant Contract Tax (RCT) applies to you. RCT is a system of tax deduction where principal contractors (i.e. Westmeath County Council) deduct tax at 35% from payments to sub contractors who are non-tax compliant.

Sub contractors are subject to tax compliance regulations as required by Revenue and no payments can be made to sub contractors who do not comply with their requirements.