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Recycling at home




New website launched to help you manage your waste:

mywaste.ie is a new website and is Ireland’s official guide to managing your waste. Here you will find everything you need to know about how to manage your waste responsibly and efficiently. Browse the site for local waste services, recycling facilities, information on preventing, reusing and disposing of waste, see www.mywaste.ie

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Waste Presentation Bye Laws 2019:

Westmeath County Council has adopted Bye-laws for the segregation, storage and presentation of household and commercial waste within the County at its January monthly meeting held on 28th January 2019. The commencement date for these Bye-laws was Friday 1st March 2019.

These Bye-Laws make provision for the imposition of a fixed payment in respect of a contravention of a Bye-Law as an alternative to a prosecution, as provided for in Section 206 of the Local Government Act 2001. To view the Bye Laws see:  Waste Presentation Bye Laws 2019



An information leaflet has been prepared in various languages to help you understand the Bye Laws:

Back to Basics - Use your Brown Bin

Attached is a list of items which can be put in your Brown Bin.

Back to Basics

Know your Waste - Reduce your Costs

See leaflet below for useful tips on lowering your waste bill.

Know your Waste - Reduce your Costs (768kB)

Waste Collection System

The household waste collection system operating in the County is:

  • Blue Bin - Mixed Dry Recyclables 
  • Black Bin - Residual Waste
  • The Brown Bin  - bio waste i.e. food and garden waste.   For more information see Brown Bin 

Tax Relief on Bin Charges -see Revenue

Household Food Waste: - Brown Bin Service

The Household Food Waste & Bio Waste Regulations 2013 were signed into law by the Minister of the Environment, Community and Local Government, Phil Hogan, on 21st February 2013.

These regulations impose obligations on collectors of waste to provide a separate collection service for household waste and on householders to segregate household food waste and keep it separate from other non-biodegradable waste.

These regulations were introduced as Ireland has objectives under the Landfill Directive 99/31/EC to divert biodegradable waste away from landfills.  Failure to meet our targets will result in stiff penalties from the European Union.  The introduction of the regulations in addition to the 2009 Commercial Food Waste Regulations will help meet these targets.

The Regulations are being phased in over the following timetable:

Date Agglomeration size Town/village
31 Dec 2013 >20,000 Athlone & Mullingar
1 Jul 2015 >1,500 Moate, Kinnegad
1 Jul 2016 >500 All other towns/villages including: Rochfortbridge, Tyrrellspass,Killucan-Rathwire, Kilbeggan,Delvin,Clonmellon,Castlepollard

If you live in any of the above areas you must segregate your food waste and keep it separate from other waste streams.

All authorised collectors must from 31 Dec 2013 provide a separate collection service for food waste and transfer the food waste to an authorised facility for treatment.

What must I do with my food waste?

Once you have segregated your food waste you must either:

  • Present it in your brown bin for collection by an authorised collector
  • Subject the food waste to a home composting process on your premises
  • Bring the food waste to an authorised facility.

You must not deposit food in the residual/black bin.

What can I put in my brown bin?

  • Food scraps/out of date foods
  • Tea bags/coffee grinds
  • Fruit/vegetables
  • Meat/fish/poultry and bones
  • Bread/cakes/biscuits
  • Soups/sauces/eggs/dairy
  • Paper towels/napkins/filters
  • Cut flowers/plant trimmings/leaves/grass clippings/old plants/moss/weeds (which have not been sprayed with weed killer)

For more info: Brown Bin

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