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Education & awareness

Green Kilometre Scheme

The Green Kilometre Scheme invites individuals/groups to choose a kilometre or longer stretch of rural road/loop in their area. The individual/group then commit to maintain the chosen stretch of road over the course of a year. Each Green Kilometre/stretch of road will be looked at once a year, not to judge, but to offer advice in terms of litter, hedge maintenance, care of heritage features etc.

Incentives of native trees/shrubs are on offer for all  projects submitted as well as a certificate of participation.

Download the application form Green Kilometre. for more details: or email greenKM@westmeathcoco.ie or phone 044 93 32166

Do’s and Don’t for taking part:

  • Ensure you follow all covid restrictions, stay within your 5km zone, observe social distancing
  • Wash and sanitise hands before and after litter picking
  • Place litter directly into bags, do not handle
  • Store bags in safe place for collection
  • If you come across bags dumped in your area, report it to the Council, do not open them.
  • Wear and use PPE
  • Be Safe – Be Seen – always follow safety advice when out walking or litter picking


County Swift Survey

BirdWatch Ireland was contracted to undertake a survey of the swift population in the county in the summer of 2018. Swifts are a migratory bird that are of significant conservation concern in Ireland and elsewhere. The survey was funded by the Westmeath Heritage Office with help from the Heritage Council and the Local Agenda 21 Fund.  Anton Krastev and/or Ricky Whelan from BirdWatch Ireland carried out the survey. They surveyed localities for nesting swifts and found nesting swifts in roughly 1/3 of localities monitored.

In the autumn of 2018, BirdWatch Ireland compiled a final report as part of the project. The report lists all the areas surveyed and sets out in great detail the sites of each nest site found.

A number of follow up actions have taken place and more are planned for the coming months and years and BirdWatch Ireland, with its Westmeath branch volunteers, is committed to working with Westmeath County Council and local stakeholders to ensure nesting swifts have a future in Westmeath.

County Swift Survey:Westmeath Swift Survey 2018

Green Schools Programme 

Green schools is an international environmental education programme, offering a well defined, controllable way for schools to take environmental issues into the curriculum and apply them to the day-to-day running of the school. Green schools is a holistic, long-term programme.

Green schools offers your school opportunities:

  • To help develop children's decision making skills
  • A way to build students confidence and sense of citizenship through participation
  • To supply curriculum materials and ideas for projects and events
  • To access a network of support agencies
  • To link with other schools in Ireland and internationally
  • To gain a prestigious award
  • To provide local and national publicity
  • For financial savings
  • To reduce litter and waste
  • To improve school environment
  • To reduce energy consumption levels
  • To involve the local community

The Green Flag Award is renewable every two years, with a new theme tackled in each two year period, whilst still maintaining the previous themes.

The sequence of the themes is outlined below:

  • Litter and Waste
  • Energy 
  • Water 
  • Travel 
  • Bio-diversity
  • Global Citizenship Litter & Waste
  • Global Citizenship Energy
  • Global Citizenship Water
  • Global Citizenship Travel
  • Global Citizenship Biodiversity

For further information see http://www.greenschoolsireland.org or email greenschools@antaisce.org

Blue flag awareness

The Blue Flag Campaign is an international eco-label for beaches and marinas. The award covers four broad criteria:

  • Water quality
  • Environmental education and information
  • Environmental management
  • Safety and services

The Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme (BEWH), administered by the Sustainable Energy Authority (SEAI), funds energy efficient improvements in the homes of the elderly and vulnerable, making the homes more comfortable, healthier and more cost effective to run. 

Please follow the links below for further information

Better Energy Communities

Better Energy Communities is an Energy Efficiency Grant Scheme available through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and administrated by Galway County Council.

Energy efficiency grant aid is available:

  • Up to 50% funding to community facilities – community halls, charity facilities, GAA clubs etc.
  • Up to 30% funding for private sector – hotels, large commercial buildings, private nursing homes, SMEs

Typical measures which are eligible for grant aid are:

  • Boiler Upgrades
  • Insulation Upgrades
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Renewable Energies
  • Heating Upgrades
  • Window / door upgrades
  • Motor / compressor replacements
  • Transport

Please follow the link below for further information;