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Horse control

Stray Horses can be seized by Westmeath County Council.

Reasons for seizure are as follows:

  • If horses are wandering on public land.
  • If horses are on private land without permission from the landowner.
  • If horses cause danger to property or persons.
  • If horses cause a nuisance.

A horse includes donkey, mule and hinny.

Horses that are impounded/seized

Horses that have been seized are detained at the Council's horse pound in Mullingar. A detailed description of the horse is taken and it is scanned for a microchip. This is for identification purposes. The owner (if known) will be notified. Otherwise, a notice is displayed in a public place (usually a Garda Station) detailing the horse(s) seized and stating that if not claimed within 5 days the horses will be disposed of as the council sees fit.

Release conditions for impounded horses

Owners are required to produce a horse passport for each horse impounded including a letter from the landowner. A release fee for each horse must be paid click, Charges (Horse & Dog Pound) (435kB)  

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