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Its primary objective is to protect, enhance and conserve the rich and natural environment of County Westmeath

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Pollution investigation & control

Report littering, fly-tipping and more

Animal welfare & veterinary services

Dog control, lost or stay dogs. Dog fouling & barking

Waste management

Waste prevention, recycling centres, farm collections, hazardous waste

Burial Grounds

Burial Grounds, Cemeteries, Graveyards

Casual trading

selling goods on the public road or at a place where the public has access

Climate Change

Strategies and Plans

Derelict sites

Derelict sites

Education & awareness

Education & awareness

Private Water Supplies Grant

Find out about private water supplies grant

Rural water programme

Rural Water Programme administration

Septic Tank Grant

Revised Domestic Waste Water Treatment System (DWWTS) Grant Scheme

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