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Paying Us

This page gives details of how and where you can pay for our services, including additional information on our major income streams.

How and Where can I pay?

You can pay for our services in a number of ways and at a number of locations.

Payment for our services can be made:

  • Online by credit or debit card
  • By Direct Debit [form under download it]
  • By Standing Order [form under download it]
  • Directly into our bank account:
    • Bank Of Ireland, Pearse Street, Mullingar
    • Sort Code: 90-18-53
    • Account Number: 15756011
    • Please ensure you quote details of your payment i.e. invoice number or customer number.
  • At certain Post Offices and retail outlets using a card issued by us – contact us using the contact numbers on this page.
  • Over the phone by ringing (044)  32000 using a credit or debit card.
  • By post to:  Accounts Receivable Section, Westmeath County Council, County Buildings, Mullingar using postal order, money order, or cheque with bank guarantee card.  Never send cash in the post and please remember to include details of your payment i.e. invoice number or customer number.
  • Over the Counter in our offices in Mullingar, Athlone, Castlepollard and Kilbeggan [include links to office locations] during the hours of 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Friday (including lunch time) by cash, credit or debit card, postal order, money order, or cheque with bank guarantee card.


Rates are a local property tax payable on commercial/industrial properties the income from which is used to fund the provision of services.

Water Charges

Water Charges are payable for usage of water at all non-domestic connections.  This includes the consumption of water and the discharge of waste water to the public sewer. 

Who pays the water supply and waste water charge?

All non-domestic consumers of water are liable to pay water/waste water charges under the Water Services Pricing Policy of the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government all non-domestic consumers of water are to be charged by local authorities for the supply of water and the discharge of waste water. This is in accordance with EU requirements and the "polluter pays policy". There are no exceptions to this policy. Water provision is a service similar to electricity, gas and telecommunication services and must be paid for by the consumer.

Water charges for non-domestic dwellings

  • Consolidated water/wastewater charge:  €2.45 per m3
  • Water only charge:  €1.19 per m3
  • Standing meter charges:
    • Annual meter charge (One meter)- €74.88
    • Annual meter charge(Three or more meters on fragmented agricultural holdings) - €224.64
  • Annual domestic allowance: 227.3m3 per annum

Procedure for collection of commercial water/waste water charges

Westmeath County Council issue invoices to our commercial water customers in one of two ways:

  • Quarterly based on their usage, which is metered and is also subject to a minimum charge
  • Annually based on a fixed annual charge

Annual demands issue at start of year for fixed accounts, and is due immediately on issue of the demand.

Half Yearly demands issue for metered accounts.

Reminders issue on fixed accounts approximately twice a year.

Revenue collectors call to premises and issues receipts if appropriate. In the event of non-payment water supply may be disconnected or district court proceedings issued.

Housing Loans

Loan repayments are made by customers who have been granted a loan for the purchase or improvement of their home.

Housing loans applications are processed by the Housing Department

Housing Rents

A weekly rent is payable by tenants in respect of accommodation provided by us.

The allocation of a local authority house is managed by the Housing Department.

Once issued the collection of the repayment is managed by the Finance Section.

What happens if I miss a payment?

The most common difficulty local authority tenants get into, is rent arrears. If for whatever reason you find you are falling behind with the rent, it is vital to talk to your local authority or housing association and explain your situation. It is in everyone's interest to sort the problem out, without having to evict you. But if you cannot pay your rent and you fail to do anything about it, you may end up losing your home.

If you are in financial difficulty, the local authority or housing association should be able to help you sort this out and pay a little bit off the rent arrears each week.

The Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) is a free, confidential service for people with debt and money management problems. Anyone from any background can experience debt and money problems and MABS staff are fully trained to help. The MABS service is available through the MABS offices located in Ennis and Shannon.

Non Principal Private Residence (NPPR) Charge

An annual charge of €200 is payable on non principal private residences to the local authority in whose area the property concerned is located.

For further information visit the NPPR website

Traffic Fines

Fines are payable for non-compliance with the traffic by-laws.

To pay for a Traffic Fine online visit Payments/

Motor Tax

We collect motor tax and issue driving licences on behalf of Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government.  Payment can be made online or at our offices in Mullingar, Athlone and Castlepollard.

To pay your Motor Tax online visit

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