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Fire Safety At Home

Our aim is to make you safer in your home by providing safety services, advice and guidance. The information we provide here will help reduce the chance of a fire starting in your home and will teach you how to react if the worst occurs.

Always remember: If fire BREAKS OUT - GET OUT, STAY OUT AND CALL 999. Don't try to fight a fire yourself!

Is your Home Safe?

Each year, we are called to attend fires in homes in Westmeath.

Fire can take householders completely by surprise as it sweeps through homes destroying possessions and sometimes even life. And for the most part fires are preventable.

Safety in the home begins with a proper understanding of fire - how it starts and how to prevent it. Did you know that Smoke or Heat Alarm (465kB) costing less than €5 could save your life?

To find out ways of keeping you and your family safe download Fire Safety in the Home (446kB)

Are You Prepared?

To ensure you are doing everything you can to prepare for every eventuality read this section.

You don't need to be an expert. Just think it through. How would you get everyone out at night? How would you get the kids out? How would granny cope? Planning an escape in the event of fire is essential wherever you are. It doesn't take long to make an escape plan and it could save your life and the lives of those you love. Make a plan now and make sure everyone knows it and practises what to do. Click here to make your escape plan.

Every Week

  • Test your smoke alarm - fit a new battery or alarm if necessary
  • Review and practise your Fire Action Plan

Every Year

  • Replace batteries in smoke alarms with new batteries
  • Have any fire extinguishers you own checked and serviced

Bedtime Routine

Follow these simple routines and help protect your family, your home and yourself from fire.

Before you go to bed.

  • Switch off and unplug all electrical appliances not designed to be left on overnight (including washing machines and dishwashers)
  • Stub out all cigarettes and always empty ashtrays. Pour water over cigarette ends before putting them in the bin outside
  • Put fireguards around open fires. Don't build up the fire before you go to bed.
  • Switch off portable heaters
  • Close all doors, it can keep your escape route free from smoke and may stop a fire spreading
  • Make sure the main door keys are to hand
  • Check your escape routes are clear of obstructions