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Information about the various licences required.

If you require a Licence under the Courts for a premises to which the public have access, you may be required to comply with the requirements of the Fire Officer.

An applicant for a Confirmation of Transfer of On Licence, Publican’s Licence, Music and Singing Licence, Annual or Temporary Dance Licence, Lottery Licence or Gaming Certificate is required to notify the Fire Authority one month before the application will be heard in Court. The Fire Officer will require the following test certificates (if relevant) available:

  • Emergency Lighting
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System
  • Fire Extinguishers

The premises may be inspected by the Fire Officer. On the day of the inspection the following items (where relevant) will be checked by the inspecting officer.

  • Emergency Lighting and Emergency Lighting Signage
  • Fire Detection & Alarm System
  • Fire Extinguishers 
  • Internal Escape Routes
  • Fire Doors
  • Final Exit/ Escape Doors
  • Locking Devices & Push-Bar Devices
  • Fire Safety Register & Staff Training
  • Furnishing & Fittings
  • High Risk/ Storage Areas
  • Electrical Installations

Events with large numbers of People

If you are planning to run an event where there will be large numbers of people, you should consult with the Fire Officer as soon as you can. Some events will require you to apply to the Planning Authority for a Licence.

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Licence for Storing Petrol

If you have a private or retail store for petrol (Petroleum Class 1), you will require a Licence from the Local Authority.

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