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RAPID Programme

What is the RAPID Programme?

The Revitalising Areas by Planning, Investment and Development (RAPID) programme is aimed at improving the quality of life and the opportunity available to residents of the most disadvantaged communities in Irish cities and towns. It aims, in a focused and practical way, to reduce the deprivations faced by residents of disadvantaged communities. It attempts to do this through targeting significant state resources at the needs of disadvantaged areas.

See attached document - What is RAPID

Mullingar RAPID Map

Athlone RAPID Map

Local Programme Objectives

In each local RAPID area, a local plan has been developed which defines a series of issues, objectives and actions that are key to the RAPID programme locally. Nationally defined programme objectives set a framework within which local plans are developed. This framework intentionally allows local areas full scope to define the practical issues which are of most importance in responding to local disadvantage and need. Decision-making on what is contained in the local RAPID plan happens within each area. The knowledge and experience of the local community and the other RAPID participants have been the basis for developing these local plans to reflect the local situation and meet local needs.


The programme is led by the Department of Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs. It is monitored nationally by the RAPID National Monitoring Committee, chaired by Minister Carey. Regionally, the programme is overseen by the relevant City or County Development Board.  At local level, planning and implementation is overseen by the Area Implementation Team (AIT). Each area is also supported by the RAPID Co-ordinator, and nationally the programme is co-ordinated by the RAPID team at Pobal and supported by the DCRGA.

Development of RAPID Strategic Themes

RAPID has begun the process of moving its work to operate within a set of agreed strategic themes. These themes are:

  • Community Safety and Anti-social Behaviour
  • Health
  • Family Support
  • Environmental issues
  • Youth
  • Education
  • Training and Employment

Under this new approach, RAPID areas are to plan and deliver all of their key activities within these themes. This offers a number of advantages to the programme. In particular, it allows a focus by key departments and agencies on the issues within their remit which are of particular importance to RAPID Communities. Six of these themes were launched during 2008/2009. Work is continuing on the Youth Theme and they will be launched in due course.

Contact Details:

Anne Galvin
RAPID Co-ordinator,
The Civic Centre,
Church Street,

Tel: (090) 6442100 D/line (090) 6442113 Mobile: 0879196777

Email: anne.galvin@westmeathcoco.ie

Athlone RAPID Programme

There are now 7 estates in the RAPID area of Athlone with the recent re-mapping of the RAPID areas country wide by Government.  They are Ashdale/WoodlandsGrove, Blackberry Lane, Battery Heights, Sarsfield Square, St. Mel’s Terrace, Monksland (Cedarwood Drive) and Willowpark/Meadowbrook.

Mullingar RAPID Programme

The town of Mullingar is a RAPID area including the estates of Grange, Farran Raithin, D’Alton Park, Ennell and Michael’s Park.


Dormant Accounts Fund - RAPID Catch Up Funding for 5 New RAPID Area

Pobal on behalf of the Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs has written to the chairpersons of each RAPID AIT. The 5 New RAPID areas are Ballina, Mullingar, Rathkeale, Dungarvan and Enniscorthy.  Funding of up to €250,000 will be available for each Area Implementation Team to submit a list of priority capital projects to Pobal for consideration. The projects must be for once off projects which will contribute towards the alleviation of social exclusion and the inclusion of people with disabilities. The closing date for receipt of applications from RAPID AITs to Pobal is Thursday October 28th  2010. This is a closed call and application forms will only be available from a RAPID Area Implementation Team.


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