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Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP)

The Local Economic & Community Plan 2015–2020 for County Westmeath


The Local Government Reform Act, 2014, outlines significant changes to the role, structure
and systems of local government nationally. The main provisions of the reform of local
government provides for:

  • greater efficiencies, improvements to local government funding,
  • increased accountability and governance,
  • greater citizen focus and
  • lead in economic and community development.

In relation to the Councils role in Community Development, the legislation provided for the
establishment of Local Community Development Committees.

The Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP)

There are two elements to the Local Economic and Community Plan, and economic element
and a community element and both elements are to be conducted in tandem.

The purpose of the LECP shall be to identify and implement actions to strengthen and
develop the economic and community dimensions of each local authority area over the
following six year period and in a manner that both reflects and supports the implementation
of the existing Regional Planning Guidelines and proposed regional Spatial and Economic

The integrated elements of the LECP, shall consist of:

  • A statement of the relevant background including a high-level overview of the existing Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022, including implementation of specific objectives and actions for local economic and community development,
  • A high-level overview of the local authority’s Development Plan, including its core strategy, and matters for economic development and local and community development to be progressed by the LECP taking account of the statutory objectives and policies of such plans, and
  • A high-level review of previous strategies and plans.


Westmeath Local Economic and Community Plan 2016–2021

Westmeath Local Economic & Community Plan (29,981kB)