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‌Healthy Westmeath Team

Following the approval of Round 3 Strand 1 Funding in January 2020, a “Healthy Westmeath Team” was established taking cognisance of the work completed by the “Building Healthier Communities” project under the National Healthy Cities and Counties’ of Ireland Network since 2016. The Healthy Westmeath Team is a subcommittee of the Westmeath LCDC.

The Healthy Westmeath Team, with representation from key stakeholders, will meet regularly to develop and agree actions to be implemented under each theme; and to monitor and review progress.

The Healthy Westmeath Team consists of the following representatives:

Healthy Westmeath Team

    Representative       Representing
    Anthony Wheat      Westmeath Sports Partnership
    Annette Barr-Jordan          Westmeath County Council
    Mary Stuart     Westmeath Library Service
    Geraldine Lacey     Youth Work Ireland Midlands
    Maria Fox     Longford Westmeath Educational Training Board   
    Valerie Hand     Health Services Executive
    Grainne Powell     Health Services Executive
    Margaret Kiernan     Public Participation Network Secretariat
    Michelle Smith     Westmeath Community Development
    Patricia McKenna     Westmeath Community Development
    Dermot Egan

    Healthy Cities and Counties Network

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