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Youth Community Mental Health Well-Being Initiative

A wrap around programme that is generic to all young people between the ages of 16 – 24. The programme will incorporate life skills as well as specific skills required to live in society today i.e. Mental Health wellbeing, cyber awareness, drug and alcohol awareness, exercise, healthy eating, sexual health, self-esteem, coping strategies, positive body image, labour market training, personal development plans, preparation for employment etc. This programme will be delivered to two target audiences within the target age group 16 – 18 and 18 – 24 years in order that the level of the information provided is age appropriate and based on best practice models of delivering to youth.  Age specific methodologies will be used in the delivery of the programme and ongoing evaluations will be carried out throughout the programme.

The programmes aims to:

  • Develop interpersonal skills to aid successful communication
  • Build self-esteem and resilience to successfully take on challenges and opportunities
  • Develop potential to achieve through success in practical skills application
  • Encourage engagement in creative pursuits to build social capital
  • Enhance emotional intelligence and determination to pursue a mindful and ambitious life patch
  • Develop wellness in physical and emotional life choices.
  • Develop potential, skills, talents, knowledge to pursue further training
  • Develop employability skills
  • Encourage, support and facilitate participation in labour market training