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Tullynally Castle Trails/Walks Signage‌


Tullynally Castle and Gardens is an important and significant heritage and tourism attraction and the publicly accessible demesne lands have potential to be of great value to tourists and local communities for walking/cycling trails. The project will provide way marking, storyboards and directional signage to looped walks within Tullynally Castle Demesne in use by the local community and visitors.



Tullynally Castle


The proposed project aims to upgrade an existing trail to bring it to the standard of an outstanding looped walk, clearly waymarked and signposted and where trail users will learn about the immersive heritage, mature trees and wildlife associated with this historical countryside location.

In order to formalise the trails and enable their promotion and clarity for trail users, signage, way marking, information panels and storyboards are required. This project will involve the provision of required signage.

Although visitors pay for tours of the castle itself, the Packenhams, owners of Tullynally have been allowing unrestricted free public access to the castle grounds for over 20 years. The local Castlepollard community as well as visitors enjoy walking around the grounds, along looped walking trails through this beautiful historic demesne, enjoying the rich heritage and mature trees. However, there is no signage, trail marking or information panels in place for this trail and it is therefore sub-standard and cannot be listed on the national trails database. The Pakenham’s have reached agreement with the local Castlepollard Community Group to formalise these looped trails within the demesne by way of a permissive access agreement, in order to clarify the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved and ensure that this amenity can continue to be enjoyed by the community into the future.