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Community Mental Health Fund – Small Grants Scheme

Westmeath Local Authorities will work with its Healthy Ireland subcommittee members to identify specific Mental Health Initiatives that have been sited under the headings of the Healthy Ireland Plan, the Local Economic and Community Plan and in collaboration with partner organisations on the LCDC.

Partners will include Westmeath County Council, HSE, Sports Partnership, PPN rep and other appropriate partners from the LCDC. The Mental Health Initiative project headings and target groups will be advertised to organisations/ groups who will be invited to apply to for a project grant with a budget heading of between €2,000 and €5,000 per project.

It is envisaged that between 6 – 8 projects will be funded under the grants scheme to a total of €30,000.

A formal application process will be developed to incorporate; timeframes for advertisement, grant criteria, project headings, evaluation process and timeframes for grant allocations. Forms will be designed to incorporate grant criteria and application forms for potential applicants and evaluation forms will be developed for grant evaluation committee.

Organisations will be invited to submit applications to bid for the delivery of the Mental Health project headings outlining; organisational expertise, experience, approach, content, methodology, projected outcomes and costings.

Criteria will be set to evaluate applications and the Healthy Ireland subcommittee will select projects based on the criteria and evaluation forms.

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