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Community Grants

‌‌‌‌Westmeath County Council provides a range of Grants to community groups to assist with actions and projects being undertaken in their local area. These grants are intended to sustain community activity and active citizenship.  The range of grants available under the Community Grants 2017 are:

Festivals and Events Grant Scheme 2018 Round 1 (January - June 2018) 

What is the Westmeath Festival and Event Grants Scheme?

Westmeath County Council recognises the contribution that Festivals and Events make to the lives of the people of the county and the benefits in terms of increased local economic activity.  In recognition of these benefits and the extent of the voluntary effort involved in the organising of festivals and events, the Council has put a grant fund in place for 2018.

What is the purpose of the Festival and Events Grant Scheme?

The purpose of the scheme is to encourage and promote local events particularly events that involve significant voluntary input and that such community initiative will attract increased visitor numbers and generate increased economic activity for the local area.  Events which are new, innovative and contribute to the social cultural Westmeath Calendar of Events will be given priority.

 What type of Support is provided?

The Council will provide grant support to qualifying festival and events.  It should be noted that there is limited funding available under this scheme and the majority of grants approved will be small scale.  Funding support will not exceed 50% of net costs incurred.  It should be noted that expenditure on hospitably such as hotel accommodation, food or drink or prize money will not be covered under this grant scheme.  For major regional or national festivals or events, other grant funding sources may be available.

 What is the Grant funding process?

Applications received by Westmeath County Council will be assessed based on selection and evaluation criteria and a letter of offer will issue to successful applicants.  Payment of the grant will generally be made after the event has been held and a post event report submitted.

Who is eligible to apply?

The grant scheme is primarily intended to support community and voluntary groups who are organising events.   Consideration may also be given to business grouping with the objective of generating increased economic activity in a town or village.  Events being organised by individual business or commercial enterprises will not qualify.  To be eligible for funding, the festival or event must take place in County Westmeath.

 When should I apply?

Applications will be invited in two rounds in 2018, Round 1, for events in January to June 2018 and Round 2, for events in July to December 2018.  We will be inviting applications for the July to December period in May 2018.   Applications for festivals and events to be held in the months of January to June 2018 are now being invited.  These applications should be submitted by close of business on Monday 29th January 2018.

 Register and Apply for Festivals/Events Grant

Community Grant Scheme 

The purpose of the scheme is to encourage and support local community and voluntary groups to continue to develop and implement community initiatives that have a positive impact on their area and on the County  This Community Grant Scheme involves three general categories of Grant as follows:

    Tidy Towns Grant
    Residents Association Grant
    Community Action Grant

PLEASE NOTE: Grant Scheme for 2017 has now closed and will reopen in 2018

Community Facilities Scheme

The Scheme will fund projects that seek to enhance communities, address disadvantage and improve social cohesion at a local level.  It will seek to address some of the difficulties local community groups face in terms of accessing very often small scale levels of funding to match their own fundraising efforts, in order to get community projects off the ground.  the funding available under the Scheme is for capital projects or elements of projects. .


Christmas Lighting Grants

Each year Westmeath County Council provides grant support to Community and Voluntary organisations or Chambers of Commerce for grant assistance towards the cost of operating their Christmas Lights in the local town or village.  


Creative Ireland Grants

Creative Ireland is the Government's Legacy Programme for Ireland 2016 - a five year initiative, from 2017 to 2022, which places creativity at the centre of pubic policy.  Westmeath County Council, in association with Creative Ireland, a Cross Government Iniative, wishes to develop a programme of events as part of the Creative Ireland Programme 2017 - 2022.    Further information is available from Ms Miriam Mulrennan, Arts Officer  arts@westmeathcoco.ie or 044 933 2016.