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Interpretive Framework for Athlone

What is This For?

  •     This piece of work, largely constructed by people of Athlone, answers the question - What do we want Athlone to be known for?
  •     This document, and the teams who will take it forward, form the basis of a new movement in Athlone to improve visitor experience and support a collective approach to telling Athlone’s stories.
  •     This Framework has identified some of the best stories that Athlone can tell and provides the overarching structure for a number of work-streams to make these accessible to the visitor.
  •     We can’t possibly capture all the stories of a place with such far reaching resonance as Athlone, so this Framework can also be used as a mechanism for fitting other stories into a cohesive narrative about the place.
  •     The Framework will identify, in an outline way, where and how these stories are told to the visitor, how they link to each other and relate this to how people navigate the geography of land and water.
  •     It will feed into the development of communications brand identity for Athlone within the Lakelands brand and also feed into a plan for communication of the brand to target consumer segments
  •     This cohesive approach to improving the visitor experience in Athlone will inform developmental priorities for Athlone and its hinterland.

Athlone’s Storybook – The Interpretive Framework
By gathering the ideas of the February workshop attendees and others we met in Athlone and further afield, four key overarching interpretive themes have emerged that relate directly to the geographical reality of Athlone and its hinterland. Within these themes are a number of sub-themes, and supporting these, stories. This structure sets out ways for each community, group or business to find their place within the wider structure and make connections. Some projects or places will overlap across themes or sub-themes, but all will build up to a compelling visitor experience.