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Westmeath Sports Partnership

Westmeath Sports Partnership.

The Irish Sports Council (ISC) was established in 1999 and launched its first statement of strategy titled ‘A New Era for Sport 2000-2002′ in 2000, http://www.irishsportscouncil.ie/

This strategy identified that a partnership approach between all agencies and organisations involved in sport at local level is the most effective way for the development of sport and physical activity - thus the Local Sports Partnership initiative was launched.

Westmeath Sports Partnership was established in September 2004 to promote sport and physical activity for all people in Westmeath. It is one of 32 partnerships established in each County (and some Cities) throughout Ireland. The Sports Partnership is a Company Limited by Guarantee and is core funded by the Irish Sports Council. The membership of the Board of the Sports Partnership is made up of representatives from various agencies, including Statutory Bodies, Local Development Agencies, Sports groups and communities within Westmeath and five of these members are Directors of the Company.


Westmeath Sports Partnership encourages and supports participation in sport and physical activity by providing information and training and by organising activities and programmes, either directly, or in partnership with other individuals, groups, clubs and partner agencies.

Westmeath Sports Partnership’s key aims are to increase participation in sport and physical recreation and to ensure that local resources are used to best effect.

See www.westmeathsports.ie  for more information