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Creative Ireland aims to build on this success by leading on the development of a dedicated Culture and Creativity plan for Westmeath County based on the premise that participation in cultural activity drives personal and collective creativity, with significant implications for individual and societal wellbeing.  

The Creative Ireland Programme is an invitation to the entire county to get involved in something truly inspirational. At its heart is collaboration – between central and local government, between culture and industry, between artists and policy makers – to facilitate an ecosystem of creativity.

This all-of-government initiative calls on all of us to play a part in placing our rich cultural heritage, and its potential, at the centre of our lives.

For more see www.creative.ireland.ie

Creative Westmeath Community Grant 2020

Westmeath County Council, in association with Creative Ireland, has a grant scheme to develop a programme of events as part of the Creative Ireland Programme 2017 – 2022.

It is guided by a vision that every person in Ireland will have the opportunity to realise their full creative potential. Continuous engagement with the arts and culture is enormously beneficial for building creative capacities. Enhancing wellbeing, culture and creativity are essential features of an innovative society where the ability to conceptualise is more important than knowledge. An important aspect of the Creative Ireland programme is its collaborative nature - between national and local government, and as part of this each local authority has prepared a Culture and Creativity strategy to support this work.

Priorities of Westmeath County Council’s Culture & Creativity Strategy

The strategic priorities of Westmeath’s Culture and Creativity strategy are:

  1. To enhance opportunities for working with youths
  2. To support collaborative practice within Westmeath County Council
  3. To nurture and support artists networks and communities of practice
  4. To enhance meaningful engagement between community and artists
  5. To examine opportunities for Westmeath County Council to cooperate with other County Councils on programme elements under the Creative Ireland framework
  6. To respond to the Creative Ireland support to undertake a Westmeath Cultural Mapping Audit
  7. To explore activities that engage communities in projects around themes of ‘collecting memories’
  8. To develop links with local industries, creative practitioners and communities
  9. To support initiatives and projects that promote the Irish language in Westmeath


About the Open Call

The Westmeath Creative Ireland Open Call is a county-wide call to community groups, organisations, venues, artists, writers, performers, archaeologists, historians, archivists and everyone involved in the culture and creative sectors. The call encourages the development high quality projects and programmes which enable groups and individuals to realise their full creative potential and develop and encourage greater access, knowledge and appreciation of the arts, culture and heritage.



  • Applicants should explore the inclusion of a meaningful offering online or with traditional media partners (broadcast / print) within their proposal in consideration of continuing Public Health Measures around Covid 19.
    • Applications can be developed by a community group, venue, or individuals with professional expertise in any creative or cultural arena such as visual or performing arts, literature, heritage or other culture areas.
    • A group may make the initial approach to a culture/creativity professional with a view to developing a project or visa-versa. The project may be designed to principally impact on those directly involved in the project or to have a broader reach, benefiting a wider community.
    • Proposals should illustrate clear planning in terms of concept, execution and timing. Successful proposals must commence by November 19th, 2020 at the latest to adhere to funding requirements.
    • Awards of between €500 and €5,000 are available within this scheme, depending on the criteria outlined.
      • The quantity and value of awards will depend on available funding, number of applicants and the quality of applications (see criteria).
      • Payment to successful applicants will be made by electronic fund transfer only. Recipients of awards in excess of €1,000 may drawdown 50% of the award immediately following selection.
      • By end November 2020, all successful applicants must complete a short progress report and provide evidence that the project is complete, or a significant element is underway (photographs, press reviews, receipts).



  • Quality, innovation and creativity of the planned project.
  • The extent to which the project aligns with the strategic priorities of Westmeath Westmeath’s Culture and Creativity Strategy.
  • Ability and expertise of the group or individual to undertake and manage projects.
  • The feasibility and viability of project within the timeframe and budget allocated (note: in some cases work that has meaningfully commenced by Nov 2020, can be completed by March 2021).
  • Sustainability, growth potential of project beyond 2020/21.


Examples of potential projects could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Projects that encourage people, groups to explore their own creativity.
  • Projects that explore the arts, culture and heritage in creative and innovative ways.

We are open to project proposals that involve groups that have had little or no previous involvement in creativity and culture projects whether for any reason such as economic, geographic, or having lacked awareness or opportunity. In such instances we will endeavour to give whatever advice and assistance we can to ensure your project can achieve the best possible experience for everyone involved.


Application Form;

Creative Westmeath Grant application form 2020

Completed forms must be emailed to arts@westmeathcoco.ie on or before Friday 26th June, 2020