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A More Inclusive Politics For Westmeath

Westmeath County Council is actively encouraging the participation of women and people from diverse backgrounds in the 2024 Westmeath Local Elections this year. Are you interested in becoming a potential female or minority candidate, and want to learn more about the opportunity to represent your community? Do you want to achieve greater diversity in the Council Chamber? Are there local issues that you are passionate about and would love to address? Why not consider running for election this year in the 2024 local elections!

Westmeath County Council’s Project ‘A More Inclusive Politics for Westmeath’ points to the variety of supports that are available for potential female and minority candidates. Be the change!

For more information visit https://bit.ly/3H1B1Hw. If you have made the leap and decided to run for election this year, please email returningofficer@westmeathcoco.ie to confirm your interest before Tuesday 9 January 2024. Towards a more inclusive politics for Westmeath.